very polished nail lounge & spa

The Jewel of Stuyvesant Heights

The novel spa concept, conceived by Lannetta Hay, a business woman with a track record of success in the entertainment and finance industries, and Anjaneth Aguirre, an accomplished nail artist and spa treatment expert, is the culmination of a vision and a friendship that has endured over the years.

Aguirre started doing nails at the age of 13 and practiced on everyone who would sit for her, including Hay. “I remember the first design I drew on a nail was a Palm tree, and it was horrible, but I never stopped practicing,” Aguirre says. “I learned how to hold the brush correctly, how to layer the paint and how to use color. And now, while I can’t draw anything on a piece of paper, I can paint anything on a fingernail!” Hay wanted to see Aguirre use her natural gift, and to make a career from her passion. Angie made the decision to leave her career as a foster care worker and child services administrator and study to become a nail technician, with hopes of someday working with Hay at their own spa.The plan started to unfold.
Aguirre enrolled in courses to learn the art of nail care and began researching everything she would need to know to run a spa that would stand out in a crowded field. While working her former full-time job, she took courses and put in more than 250 hours of practical experience.

“I’ve seen her perfect her nail work,” Hay says. “ And after working at a job that was completely unfulfilling, I could see that she was dedicated to her craft and that she could turn the thing she loved to do into a career and a business, and I wanted to be right there with her. This is from where our spa was born.” Clients who visit the Very Polished Nail Lounge & Spa will be welcomed into the modern, bright space with a bubbly flute of champagne, a glass of wine, a refreshing glass of water or a soothing cup of tea. “We want people to come here because they love the environment as well as our expert treatments,” Aguirre says.

All services will be offered with all natural, organic products, including polishes that are free from toxins. Guest can take their pick of exceptional scrubs created out of Aguirre’s exclusive, all natural recipes. Your choices include a Peppermint Lime Soak made of Himalayan Dead Sea salt, peppermint oil and lime, or maybe a Margarita Manicure where the tequila acts as a natural way of loosening dead skin.

Along with attention paid to the hands and the feet, the Very Polished Nail Lounge also offers waxing and facials. Then coming this spring, the spa’s 900-square-foot garden will be transformed into an exotic outdoor treatment space.

“We are so excited to offer this unique spa to the Stuyvesant Heights community that we care so much about and want to support with our business, “ Hay says. “I know our customers are going to love the nail services Angie created just for them and enjoy an environment that we know they will return to again and again.”