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The Jewel of Clinton Hill

Very Natural & Organic

Providing an exceptional spa manicure, pedicure, and waxing services. Very Polished Lounge offers you a natural and organic retreat guaranteeing you an unparalleled experience.

Polished Colors in Brooklyn

Located in the heart of Brooklyn, Very Polished Nail Lounge (The Jewel of Stuyvesant Heights) prides themselves on offering superior service, and is a perfect nail stop in and around the NYC area.

Relaxing Lounge Experience

Open six days a week, Tuesday through Sunday. Very Polished Lounge has plenty of enjoyable spa services on their menu. It's not a nail service; It's a nail experience.

The Story behind
very polished nail lounge & spa

The novel spa concept, conceived by Lannetta Hay, a business woman with a track record of success in the entertainment and finance industries, and Anjaneth Aguirre, an accomplished nail artist and spa treatment expert, is the culmination of a vision and a friendship that has endured over the years.

Aguirre started doing nails at the age of 13 and practiced on everyone who would sit for her, including Hay. “I remember the first design I drew on a nail was a Palm tree, and it was horrible, but I never stopped practicing,” Aguirre says. “I learned how to hold the brush correctly, how to layer the paint and how to use color. And now, while I can’t draw anything on a piece of paper, I can paint anything on a fingernail!” Hay wanted to see Aguirre use her natural gift, and to make a career from her passion. Angie made the decision to leave her career as a foster care worker and child services administrator and study to become a nail technician, with hopes of someday working with Hay at their own spa.The plan started to unfold. Aguirre enrolled in courses to learn the art of nail care and began researching everything she would need to know to run a spa that would stand out in a crowded field. While working her former full-time job, she took courses and put in more than 250 hours of practical experience.

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vp experience

Spa Manicure, Pedicure, and Waxing Services.


How good is your nail care routine? Many of us regularly neglect our hands, nails and cuticles – leaving them feeling dry and rough. VP offers many nail treatments that will suit a variety of needs. Treat your hands to a relaxing soak, perfectly trimmed and buffed nails, topped with a luxurious color of your choice.
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Feel confident when leaving your waxing needs in our hands. Enjoy relaxing in our waxing suite while listening to soothing tunes. We work hard to make your experience as pain free as possible. Sensitive skin? Don't worry we have the perfect product for you!
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Indulge in a refreshing foot soak and relaxing foot massage after a long day at work. Escape while we meticulously cut your cuticle and trim your nails. Feel all stress dissolve from your toes as we carefully wrap your feet in steam towels. Seal it all with a perfect coat of polish.
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Want to extend the length of your natural nail? No acrylic over here! CalGel is the healthiest way to extend the length of your nail, coating your nail in a calcium enriched gel that hardens and is just as strong as acrylic. Calgel won't lift, peel, chip, go rubbery or damage your own nails.
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Receive a completely customized facial specific to your skin care needs. Free of any artificial fragrances & colors, we use only the finest ingredients available. Let your skin expert choose the skin treatment that is perfect for you! See immediate results and have the healthiest skin ever!
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Very Polished Lounge had a Very Polished Pamper day.


There’s nothing we love more than discovering the season’s new nail trends. Whether it’s the hottest color, shape or embellishment, we’re constantly looking for ways to elevate our manicure game—and now that fall is officially on the way, we’re more dedicated than ever to our quest for the newest things in nails. Read more:


No matter what your makeup preference is, be it daring to demure, a great canvas is the first step to getting there. But when over-the-counter lotions, potions, and creams simply aren’t working, you might need to call in the calvary. One secret weapon of Hollywood starlets—their facialists (or aesthetician) can help you get the healthy,…
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Just because summer is coming to a close, doesn’t mean that you can just forget about your feet. I’ll admit—once it’s time to slip on my boots, I typically start slacking just a little bit. However, beyond your feet looking good it’s equally important to ensure they feel good too. Honestly, how else would you…
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ESSENCE & Lincoln presents the Journey Through The City Series, an exploration of the arts in NY, DC and Atlanta. Check out the video featuring the ladies  visiting our location for a wonderful nail spa experience.


A few lucky listeners got a chance to hang out with our own Jasmine Sanders for a “girls day off,” where they were treated to a manicure and pedicure by Very Polished Nails and lunch by Soco. Check out the pictures from Jasmine’s day off with the girls.

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